Top Tips for Growing the World’s Best Homegrown Tomatoes.

For many of us, cup weekend marks the celebration of all things Melbourne.   It marks the change of the seasons.  For some, it’s a time to get frocked up and head to the races, others it means playing Tetris with camping gear in the back of the car, and if you are a gardener like me.   It means time to transplant those tomatoes seedlings.  

Your guide for how to grow tomatoes from seeds

What’s the first vegetable that comes to mind when you think of Italian food? I’ll bet you were thinking of the tomato (though strictly speaking, it’s a fruit).

There are three different types of tomatoes – and as The Hungry Gardener, I love them all. First, there are bush tomatoes, which as the name suggests have a bushy habit. This type of tomato stays small and doesn’t require staking, so it’s great for growing in pots.

How to grow fennel like a pro at home

I love being The Hungry Gardener and growing my own produce. Fennel is my favourite veggie by far. Everything tastes better with fennel.

It reminds me of cosy winter nights sitting around Nonna’s table eating the homemade pork sausages she had laced with it.

The herbs to grow for homemade cocktails & teas

Herbs are great all-rounders in the garden. They’re easy to grow and even easier to use as flavour-packed additions in your cooking.

But you don’t have to stop there. Whether you’re a fan of cocktails, mocktails or tea, some freshly picked herbs will give a boost to your beverage of choice.

The fruit trees you should start growing right now

We should plant more trees in our neighbourhoods, along streets, in parks and in our own gardens: Trees beautify and add value to whole suburbs, they provide shade and clean the air.

Fruit trees are a particularly good choice for gardens and public spaces. I remember on a visit to Rome a few years ago, I came across a street lined with orange trees.