Hungry Kids - 1

A set of 3 Kitchen Garden activities designed to be fun and easily done at home. 

Great to do over the School Holidays!

The three activities in this module are:

Spaghetti in a can Minecraft GardenChia Pets

Follow instructional videos on how to do the activities.   

All the materials required are easily obtained, with a shopping list provided.



From the Supermarket 

Can of chopped tomatoes $2

Fresh Cherry Tomatoes $4

Spaghetti $2

Fresh Parsley $3

Chia Seeds $6

From The Hardware

Besser Block $3.50

Red / Green / Black / White Acrylic Paint $12

Terracotta Saucer $2

Modeling Clay $6

Paint Brush $2

TOTAL $42.50 for material for all 3 Activities 

*All materials you should already have at home.  


All the activities have been designed to be completed inside if required.  

Download the app, to easily view it on your phone while doing the activity. 


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