When To Harvest Your Garlic.

Jan 20, 2022

Garlic is ready to harvest when the outer leaves of the stem start to brown and die off.   Usually, a good indicator is when half have died back.  It usually will be in late spring-summer, around the eight months from planting.  Depending on the variety and also weather conditions.  You want your bulbs still be tight and not split.  Splitting will occur if you leave them to die back completely.   It is ideal to want the bulbs to remain reasonably tight, as they will keep better.

To store them, let them dry out for a week or two.    Brush of off any remaining soil.   Cut and remove any roots.    And you can leave the stem on, as the will help with the storing.  You can hang up in a dry spot where they won’t get wet.   Not too hot or cold /  ideally 10 degrees.   You can plait the stems if you wish, or if you are lazy like me, just hang them from a hook.   Mind you they do look pretty cool and neat if plaited.

These should keep some time, up to twelve months ideally.   But should also be able to keep the best couple cloves for planting the following year.


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