Photo by  Mark Roper

Photo by Mark Roper


My Name is Fab.

OK…about me.  Well like most of you, I too find it difficult to write about myself. But here goes… 

My name is Fabian Capomolla, some refer to me as The Hungry Gardener.  

My passion is food and gardens, and in particular, where the two meet.  I do love plants, and more so, I love plants you can eat.  

In 2009 my passion for growing food took hold and I co-founded the Little Veggie Patch Co.   The primary focus of the business was to help people grow food in their own homes. What began as a start-up operating out of my shed in Moorabbin, grew to be a Nursery in St Kilda East, and a garden club called 'Pop Up Patch' in Federation Square.  

I have been fortunate to be given the opportunity to publish three books, and appear as a guest presenter on Channel 10’s 'The Living Room'.   In 2014 I sold my share of Little Veggie Patch Co to pursue the other passion in my life, my family.  We lived in Lucca, Italy for 12 months where I worked in a community garden.  I have since returned to set up The Hungry Gardener, where my aim once again is to share my passion for edible plants.  Helping people get in to growing food, where by I help grow gardeners.

My podcast is based on conversations with experts, where we discuss my two passions, Food and Gardening.     I currently am the 'Green Space' present on Lifestyle channel.    And in my spare time I help people by setting up and maintaining there veggie patches.   



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