Hi, I'm Fab

The Hungry Gardener 


My passion is food and gardens -  in particular, where the two meet.  I  love plants and, more so, I love plants you can eat.  

In 2009 my passion for growing food took hold and I co-founded the Little Veggie Patch Co.   The primary focus of the business was to help people grow food in their own homes. What began as a start-up operating out of my shed in Moorabbin, grew an strong online presence supported by  a prominent nursery in St Kilda East, and even added a garden club called 'Pop Up Patch' to the carpark roof of  Federation Square.  

During that time I published three books - The Little Veggie Patch Co. (2011), The Little Veggie Patch Co.'s Guide to Backyard Farming (2012) and 1-Minute Gardener (2014) - and appeared as a guest presenter on Channel 10’s 'The Living Room'.   

In 2014 I sold my share of the Little Veggie Patch Co to invest more in the other passion in my life - my family.  We lived in Lucca, Italy for a year where I worked in a community garden and experienced growing food the Italian way. 

In Italy, the most important things are family and food. Growing your own food is about providing for yourself and your family. It is a celebration of food and the seasons, which is a celebration of life. Basta! Food the Italian way is defined by how they approach the task: with simplicity and without overcomplicating it.

I returned to Melbourne in 2015 eager to share this and established The Hungry Gardener.

Since that time, I’ve published Growing food the Italian way, set up my podcast series and contributed to the realestate.com.au Lifestyle channel as the Green Space presenter. 

And in my spare time I help people to set up and maintain their veggie patches.   

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any gardening questions or are keen to find out more about The Hungry Gardener. 

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