Conversations on Food and Gardening

After returning from a year in Italy with my young family, I was inspired and now have an insatiable hunger for quality produce. This podcast is conversations with influential people on food and gardening. It will delve into the complexity of our relationship with food. What is quality? How and where is it grown? What wonders can we create with it in the kitchen, and importantly, how do we get our hands on it?

Home grown, farmers markets, supermarkets, all have merit, but also face many challenges.   The reality is that most people shop for food in major retailers. And so, I have concerns around the restricted choices we have, the future of food security, and the growing disconnect with where it comes from. 

As consumers, I believe we should demand better quality produce, with more sustainable farming practices.   For our own pleasure, health and well-being, and for that of the planet, I want to build a movement that encourages this change.

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